Revée Barbour

Revée Barbour

Naturopath, Result Interpretation
Company : Dr. Ray, ND: The Peoples Doctor


5025 J Street, Suite 205, Sacramento, California, 95819

Impact You Want To Have On The World : My mission is to help heal, teach, and awaken the masses to the valuable benefits of natural medicine so they can restore their vitality and live life in their true purpose.

Specialities : Boutique Primary Care, Women’s Health, Digestive Health, Family Medicine, Hormone-Rebalancing, Skin Health

I’m a board-licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Life Coach who believes in using natural evidence-based treatments to heal the human body naturally from disease. My goal is to collaborate as a team with my patients and teach them how to use food, herbs, supplements, and more to improve their quality of life and extend longevity.